Infrastructure Solutions

Structured cabling is the backbone of informatics, communication, automation and telecommunication. Taking into account all of the technological systems, it is a system that is used the longest and is arduous and costly after completing it. Structured cabling is a process required to be designed/projected correctly, be applied in high quality, to do needed test/labelling/documentation processes, and to conduct their continuitiy in very importantly.

Alitek creates solutions free from brand in order to meet the needs on the structured cabling of the corporates. It gives the services of engineering, feasibility and concultancy during the design of the project related to the claimed these services/products. In structured cabling projects, it offers optimum solutions in interior and exterior of a building by using Cat5e, Cat6, Cat7, Multi Mode and Single Mode Fiber Optic cables. It completes the installation of data transmission line by using the latest technological electronic devices and by doing the finalization process of the copper and fiber cable for their end points. According to the topology to be constituted, project designing is done for corporations in a way of ensuring maxsimum efficiency.

The products and solutions we provide;

  • Products and Solutions of Copper Cabling
  • Products and Solutions of Fiber Cabling
  • Products and Solutions of Cabinet
  • Products and Solutions of Electricity Cabling